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    Trouble Configuring JBoss To Run With Eclipse 3.1.0 and Lomb

    Sheila Martin Newbie

      I am trying to configure JBoss 4.0.1 to run with Eclipse 3.1.0 and Lomboz. The problem is, that I am getting an error in the Eclipse IDE, indicating that a required .jar file (jboss-boot.jar) cannot be found. A search of the jboss home directory revealed that the file in question does not exist.

      I tried to remedy this by creating a server definition file for jboss-4.0.1, using the supplied server definition files as a guide (and changed the extensions on the other files to ".bak"). I also tried removing the references to jboss-boot.jar in the Eclipse Server definitions section (Server Classpath and Project Classpath tabs). This didn't work either.

      As you can imagine, I am getting quite frustrated. Any assistance would be much appreciated.