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    Jacorb version

    Andrew Wagg Newbie

      Is there anyway I can find out which version of jacorb has been used in the different JBoss releases. Our production server is currently running 3.2.3. I am currently having some IIOP issues which may have been fixed in a later version Jacorb.



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          Jimmy Wilson Apprentice

          JBoss 3.2.3 certainly does not have the latest JacORB version. I do not remember what version 3.2.3 is packaged with, but I have built a MBean for use in exactly this situation. It reflectively loads the JacORB version class, and reports the information that it contains. I can e-mail it to you if you like.

          Maybe I should create an MBean that does this for every 3rd party tool/library (where possible), and maybe I should post it on the Wiki?

          You can update the version of JacORB by replacing jacorb.jar in your server configuration's lib directory.

          What issue specifically are you trying to solve by incorporating the latest version of JacORB, and are you sure this will solve your problem?

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            Andrew Wagg Newbie

            That sounds quite a useful MBean.

            I have a web server application that is a client of a CORBA server on another host. If the CORBA server is stopped and restarted, when my client attempts to connect again a message is logged by JacORB saying it found a connection. However, this appears to be the previous connection that is now dead.

            2005-02-28 08:18:51,742 INFO [STDOUT] [ InterceptorManager started with 0 SIs, 0 CIs and 2 IORIs ]
            2005-02-28 08:18:51,744 INFO [STDOUT] [ ClientConnectionManager: created new conn to target ben:1571 ]
            2005-02-28 08:18:51,748 INFO [STDOUT] [ Connected to ben:1571 from local port 3802 ]
            2005-02-28 08:18:51,753 INFO [STDOUT] ScadaInterface, IOR:010000001d00000049444c3a536361496e7465726e616c496e746572666163653a312e3000000000010000000000000043000000010100000400000062656e005a0600002f0000003a5c62656e3a53636164613a5245414c54494d453a3a49523a536361496e7465726e616c496e746572666163653a00
            2005-02-28 08:18:51,753 INFO [STDOUT] ScadaInterface, Server is IOR:000000000000001D49444C3A536361496E7465726E616C496E746572666163653A312E3000000000000000010000000000000043010100000400000062656E005A0600002F0000003A5C62656E3A53636164613A5245414C54494D453A3A49523A536361496E7465726E616C496E746572666163653A00
            2005-02-28 08:18:51,754 INFO [STDOUT] [ ClientConnectionManager: found conn to target ben:1626 ]

            Then a request to this server just hangs.

            I found a reference to something similair looking through the JacORB archives and it seemed to have been addressed in version 2.1.