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    JBoss/Log4j hangs at startup

    Per Jorgen Walstrom Newbie

      I am using JBoss 4.0.1 SP1 and Log4j 1.2.8 on a Linux system. JBoss hangs at startup, at the following line:

      16:29:03,401 INFO [Log4jService$URLWatchTimerTask] Configuring from URL: resource:log4j.xml

      I have two Log4j.xml-files. One basic and one which contains 3 additional appenders, 3 additional loggers and 2 additional limiting categories. When I start JBoss with the basic file, there is no hangup or problem. It starts just fine. When starting JBoss with the file with the additions, JBoss hangs as described above. This might imply that there is something wrong with the Log4j-file with the additions. But if I start JBoss with the basic file and when JBoss has started just fine, I swap the two files, so that the file with the additions becomes the active Log4j.xml-file, JBoss is able to re-configure Log4j with the new appenders etc.

      Really strange. File does not work at startup, but seems to work fine when hot deployed...

      any suggestions?