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    <rich:datascroller> page buttons not working correctly

    henrik lindberg Apprentice

      Hi, I use rich faces 3.0.0 with seam 1.2 (as distributed on CD at EclipseCon) and I have tried the simplest form of <rich:datascroller> (i.e. just stating that is "for" another element. Everything works well except that when there are many pages (there are in fact 12 pages with 5 items on each page/fewer on last page), the datascroller shows 10 of them - when clicking on any of the pages listed 1-6 then it works fine. Clicking on 7 also works, and now it scrolls the available pages so it starts with 3. And now - here is the problem - clicking on 8 gives you a very surprising result: It selects page 6, and scrolls the section with pages so it now starts with 3.

      Or put differently: the problem seems to be that when the page button section is scrolled it does not recognize the first page - i.e. my click on "8" was in fact a click on the 6th button from the left.