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    Sar Mapping

    Andrew Boyd Novice

      Hi All,
      Is there a mapping anywhere that maps services with sars?
      It is easy for me to remove the jms dir in my deploy directory if I'm not doing any jms but what about corba?
      I get the following at startup:

      09:38:05,765 INFO [orb] ORB run
      09:38:05,921 INFO [CorbaNamingService] Naming: [IOR:000000000000002B49444C3A6F6D672E6F72672F436F734E616D696E672F4E616D696E67436F6E746578744578743A312E300000000000020000000000000068000102000000000E313

      I'm not doing any corba and would like to get my server as lean as I can. What sar can I remove to not install CORBA. Any info on what I can remove/what I need would be appreaciated.