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    Sar Deployment with nested MDB's Issue

    Robert Nordin Newbie


      I am packaging a sub-system in a sar. This sar contains other sar and ejb3 mdb's.

      My problem that I cannot figure out is why the mdb's dont get started when i deploy the sar.

      If I start jboss clean without any ear, jar, sar etc (except the default ones) and then drops the sar in the deploy directory, the sar and nested jar/sar's get deployed as they should, and the mdb's gets started.

      If I start jboss with the sar already in the deploy directory the deploy goes fine, but the mdb's dont start.

      If I re-deploy the sar, then the deployment goes fine AND the mdb's gets started.

      Could someone please enlighten me how to solve this issue.