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    How to shutdown one of multiple jboss instances that are run

    Julian Sark Newbie

      Hi @ all,

      I'm new to this forum and also kinda new to jboss and java developement and all this stuff. So please be patient with me. ;-)

      I'm using jboss-4.0.1sp1 under linux (ubuntu dapper).

      Here's my problem:
      I wanna run two instances of jboss on the same machine. So I first made a copy of the "default" folder under "jboss/server". and called it let's say "test"

      So that it doesn't interfere with the "default" server, I now configured the "test" server to use a different set of ports by uncommenting the so called "binding manager" in the "jboss-service.xml" (found in "conf").

      I can now run both, "default" and "test" simultaneously by entering:

      ./run.sh -c default

      ./run.sh -c test

      But since the shutdown.sh doesn't support the -c parameter, I can only shutdown the default server. Can anybody tell me how to shutdown the test server? (while leaving default running) Maybe by copying the shutdown.sh and slightly changing its content?

      And by the way: killing it is not an option, because the jboss isn't running my machine but on our companies server which I don't have root rights on. (If you now wonder how I have even set up jboss on this machine: Somebody did it for me.)

      So thanx 4 ur help & have a nice day!