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    reload jars in server/default/lib

    bongoklaus Newbie


      I have some projetcs running on my JBOSS 4.0.1SP1, which use several external jars. These external jars reside in the server/default/lib-folder. All my projects use the same versions of jars, so version conflicts do not appear and isolated classloading is not necessary.

      The problem is, that when I update a jar in the server/default/lib-folder, the chaneges do not take effect automatically. I have to restart the jboss to let this new jar-file be loaded.

      My question is: Is it possible somehow to reload the jars in server/default/lib without restarting the whole server?

      I know, I could use isolated classloading by adding the jars to my projects, so that all classes are reloaded on redeploy. But that would cause unnecessary redundance of loaded classes, because all my projects use the same jar-versions? That's why I placed them in the server/default/lib-folder.

      Can anybody help?
      Thanks in advance,