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    Unable to connect remotely

    Mark van Leeuwen Newbie

      I am unable to connect to JBoss from a remote client. I am also unable to connect locally (on the server) using its external IP. The only way I can connect is using

      I have disabled the firewall and SELinux and rebooted the server.

      JBoss version is 4.2.0GA. Server OS is CentOS5.

      I have tested by running as root is case there was some permissions issue.

      I have tested both ports 8080 and 80.

      I am testing by telnet to the IP and port.

      Interestingly, I started up Apache on port 80 and I can access it remotely, so this leads me to the conclusion that it is a JBoss issue and not a problem with the setup of the server.

      Anyone got any ideas what the problem might be?


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