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    Inner bean should have scope=


      This project has been working and even today is working in production. But in our QA system it started giving us this error.

      My parent bean has singleton="false" and one of its properties is another inner bean which has singleton="true". During runtime in QA its giving us the error in subject line. It might work if i change singleton="False" on the inner bean. But then how is it working in production even today?

      "smsCommand" bean has singleton="false". Inner bean "transactionIdFactory" has singleton="false".

      This is my code in descriptor xml file..

      <bean id="transactionId" factory-bean="transactionIdFactory" factory-method="getNextId" />

      ${transaction.id.sequen ce.name}



      Error i get is
      Cannot create inner bean 'transactionId' while setting bean property 'transactionNumber'; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionSt oreException: Inner bean definition 'transactionId' for bean property 'transactionNumber' has scope 'singleton' but containing bean definition 'initializeIcc' does not. Mark the inner bean definition with scope 'prototype' instead.