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    JBOSS startup on W2000 SP4 : getnameinfo entry point not fou

    Olivier Vincent Newbie


      I have this message on Win2000 SP4 server on startup :
      "The procedure entry point getnameinfo could not be located in the dynamic link library WS2_32.dll"
      but I have no problem with my web application.

      I know that this is because this entry point was added on WinXP and Win2003.
      I have already add this option to the JVM on the startup of JBoss :
      but the error message is still there on startup...

      So, how can I avoid this message appearing because it's blocking the startup (messagebox and I must press OK...) :
      - another option to the JVM to avoiding using IPV6 ?
      - another option to JBoss startup to ignoring this error ?
      - to disable some things on JBoss config ?