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    Eclipse + JBoss Debug Mode issue

    Nicolas Ameghino Newbie

      Hello all,
      I'm having an issue regarding a debug deployment using Eclipse + JBoss 4.2.2.
      Whenever I deploy my application in debug mode, it takes a big load of time to deploy it (around 20-30 minutes). However, sometimes it deploys in 2 minutes (in debug mode) and it just takes 1.5 minutes in run mode.
      This behavior is mostly random, but after the first occurrence of the long-time debug deployment, it's mostly sure that it will happen again.

      Note that I've already posted this in the eclipse.newcomers group and Wayne Beaton suggested that I should post this issue here and in a JBoss forum.

      I have a "virgin environment" (all I did to it was configure it to work and then never touched it again) so that I can spawn the same installation in several computers and have the same contents everywhere in another PC with Eclipse 3.3.2 (Build M20080221-1800) and JBoss 4.2.2GA which I compared against my installation of the bundle.

      It turned out that two files were changed between those two installations:

      * org.eclipse.jdt.core_3.3.1.v_780_R33x.jar
      * org.eclipse.jdt.core_3.3.3.v_793_R33x.jar

      I tried overwriting those two files with the virgin copies, but without result. I then deleted my whole eclipse folder and downloaded the virgin environment. Still no good.

      Some time later, I proceeded to undeploy the application from the server, delete the temp files from it, do a full clean build of the app. and then redeployed. It worked for a couple of debug deployments but now the problem is back. I repeated those steps, hoping it would work, but unfortunately it didn't.

      Finally, I also noted that, if given the 20-30 minutes' time it requires to deploy the application in debug mode, the application is a lot slower than the usual debug deployments that take 2 minutes.

      Any help appreciated, and thanks!
      Nicolas Ameghino

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