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    RMI behind a firewall

    Frank Henry Novice

      Hello all.

      I am having problems getting RMI to run with an activated windows xp firewall.

      I am working with jboss 4.2.2

      I partially followed the 'UsingJBossBehindAFirewall' guide and have opened up the ports as listed and it partially works, at least my clients can connect to the 1098 port.

      But when the other port is negotiated it cannot connect to those.
      As soon as I enable the firewall I can see, via netstat, the open ports on the server side and the attempts from the client to connect there, but they are not working.

      I'm not the network specialist but is it normal that the RMI Port (1098) opens a route to itself? i.e. from [server-ip]:1421 to [server-ip]:1098

      What am I missing?

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          Frank Henry Novice

          Does anyone even use JBoss on a WinXP 'server' behind a firewall?

          If so, do you also use RMI or something else?

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            Peter Johnson Master

            XP as a production server? Probably (hopefully?) not because the Windows XP EULA does not allow it - the EULA permits a maximum of 10 inbound connections. Though I image the are some running on Windows Server 2003/2008.

            Regarding the port issue, I think that the RMI port is sort of a centralized control, and when a client connect a custom port for that client is negotiated. (Please take the previous statement with a grain of salt; I am by no means a networking expert and am simply attempting to explain mostly to myself the behavior I have seen.)

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              Victor Schrader Newbie

              I have JBoss Portal + AS running on XP IA32, Server2003 X64, and Server2003 IA32. I forget why at the moment but I altered the port number in jboss-server for both RMI and JNDI from 1098 and 1099 to 10098 and 10099. I believe there was a port conflict for some other MS service, I'm pretty sure it was 1099 JNDI though, not 1098.

              Vic Schrader

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                Victor Schrader Newbie

                I found the details in my notes, it should be "obvious" it is a conflict with WINS services and WINS replication and it is both ports 1098 and 1099.