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    JBoss 4.2 and JAVA6, compatibility matrix available

    Christian Groove Newbie

      Hy there,

      i have the problem, we already started our development with JAVA6 using JBoss4.2.x.
      Yes, i know that Java6 is not officially supported, but the project manager staff
      decided to use JAVA6. Since JBoss5.x is delivered as a commercial
      product (supported by Redhat/JBoss), we have to go with JBoss4.2.x

      Running JAVA6 (on Linux) with JBoss issued some problems on
      the free JBoss 4.2.x version, that have been solved.

      Anyway, when i try to deploy my JBoss-ear file on the commercial JBoss
      server 4.2.1 running JAVA6. The deployment runs without any problem,
      the Web-GUI does run without any problems, but when i try to
      access the Web-Service, some exceptions happend.
      Seeking through the forum tells me, that i am using a wrong JAVA version.

      Great, but which one i should use ???
      Is the a matrix of cooperating JBoss/JAVA Versions availiabe ??