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    run.sh: Missing required file: /usr/local/jboss/system/src/s

    Aidan Wong Newbie


      Title says it all... I'm trying to start Jboss 4.3 from source installation on CentOS 5.2 with run.sh and I'm getting

      run.sh: Missing required file: /usr/local/jboss/system/src/system/src/bin/run.jar

      I've also tried with Jboss 5.1 and I get the same result.
      I followed this guide http://www.jboss.org/file-access/default/members/jbossas/freezone/docs/Installation_And_Getting_Started_Guide/5/html_single/index.html#source_installation
      I can't seem to be able to locate run.jar in the installation.
      Can someone help?

      Thank you