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    HASessionState/HAPartition not bound

    Brian Topping Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm getting started with clustering, nice work!

      I've noticed that the inclusion of the true element in jboss.xml always trys to register the bean with the cluster and fails deployment for the bean if it cannot. Is there a way around this? When I am doing development, I don't want the overhead of the cluster software running on my machine, but when I am doing deployment, I obviously need it.

      It seems like the desirable behavior would be for a warning to be issued if a bean is set to be able to be clustered but there is no cluster associated with this container. This, as opposed to throwing an exception and killing the deployment for that bean. I can see the problem with the case where the clustering is desired and it silently fails to add the bean to the cluster, but it's impossible to have a bean marked as ready to be clustered, then not cluster it. The next step is writing fancy sed scripts to remove the clustered elements when the build is deployed locally for development, but I think it sidesteps the point that the element should be advisory, not mandatory.


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          Sacha Labourey Master

          can you not simply add the clustering features to "default"? Is that really a big overhead. I don't think the error should be transformed in a warning: you explicitly ask for clustering but do not activate it. Will think about it though.

          thanks for the feedback.



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            Brian Topping Newbie

            Hi Sacha,

            Thanks for your response. The issue with overhead might have made more sense if I said "boot overhead". When restarting JBoss during development, the time for HA discovery is somewhat of a drag on the cycle. This is the reason for the request.

            I defer to your opinion on the matter, but being able to configure whether the error is treated as a warning in the JMX config would make this workable for both camps.

            If others don't need this now, is it because they are just accepting the additional boot time? It would be selfish to have you add this just for me, but it seems like most developers do anything they can to minimize the edit-compile-launch cycle. Seconds here and there add up to minutes and hours over the course of a week... hours that could be used for beer by the time Friday rolls around :-)

            thanks, have a good Friday!


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              Sacha Labourey Master

              OK, so that I don't forget to think about it, can you add this as a feature request on sf.net/projects/jboss and assign it to me (slaboure). Thank you.