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    Why is this logged with the WARN level?

    Jimmy Wilson Apprentice

      I have multiple jboss cluster partiitions that can see each other (but they are named differently).

      About every 10 seconds, I get messages like the following:

      2004-06-30 09:22:39,900 WARN [org.jgroups.protocols.UDP] discarded message from different group (cluster partition name). Sender was host:port (additional data: 16 bytes)

      It seems to me that this is not really a situtation for a WARN message as it is completely expected given my environment setup. Was this logged at the WARN level because usually this indicates a problem? I am not sure why that would be the justification because setting this up requires some configuration changes that mean you were likely trying to change partition names in the first place.

      Disabling this warning is difficult because I would like to see cluster INFO messages. Currently, I have clustering messages logging to a different file, but it would be nice to have the ability to disable this type of message specifically. Any suggestions?