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    Multi-Homed Configuration passing wrong ip to Remote Clients

    xavierpayne2 Newbie


      I currently have a 2 node JBoss 4.0.1 cluster running. I have two interface adapters in each machine. the first adapter in each has an ip 155.x.x.x that corresponds to our main subnet. The second adapter in each has its own private non-routable ips 192.168.1.x.

      I have set the bind_addr of each jboss server to be the internal (192) ip of the machine since I want all multicast cluster traffic to occur over that.

      The problem is if I have a client that is not a member of the 192 subnet try to connect to the server (more specifically if I try to do a remote JNDI lookup on an EJB) using the servers 155 address I get the following error:

      Failed to connect to server

      For some reason the client is sucessfully hitting the server but getting HA ips (most likely from the dispatcher) that are in the private subnet!

      Am I am doing something wrong? The clustering docs just say to set the bind address to the desired interface.

      here is my UDP configuration just in case:

       <UDP mcast_addr="" mcast_port="48866"
       ip_ttl="64" ip_mcast="true" bind_addr=""
       mcast_send_buf_size="150000" mcast_recv_buf_size="80000"
       ucast_send_buf_size="150000" ucast_recv_buf_size="80000"