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    How to isolate clusters ?  Modifying mcast_addr isn't workin

    James Adams Novice

      I have two clustered servers which run on the same machines, and I have not been able to isolate them by modifying the PartitionConfig attribute's UDP mcast_addr value in the cluster-service.xml. In other words I can have one application running with nodes on machine A and B, and when I start the second server on node A then first server recognizes it as a new node of the first cluster, when in fact it should just be the first node of the second server's cluster.

      This is what I see on the first clustered server whenever the first node of the second clustered server is started:

      10:21:33,466 INFO [DefaultPartition] New cluster view for partition DefaultPartition: 8 ([,,] delta: 1)
      10:21:33,466 INFO [DefaultPartition] I am ( received membershipChanged event:
      10:21:33,466 INFO [DefaultPartition] Dead members: 0 ([])
      10:21:33,466 INFO [DefaultPartition] New Members : 1 ([])
      10:21:33,466 INFO [DefaultPartition] All Members : 3 ([,,])

      I've tried modifying the mcast_addr value in the second server cluster-service.xml, as well as the mcast_addr value in tc5-cluster-service.xml, but these appear to have no effect. Why the two cluster-service.xml files anyway -- which takes precedence ? Is cluster-service.xml for configuring JBoss application server clustering and tc5-cluster-service.xml for configuring JBossCache clustering ?

      Thanks in advance for any insight into this problem.