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    Publishing JMS msg from clustered AS

    Robert Gary Newbie

      I'm running JBoss AS 5.1

      My external clients make EJB calls but also get asynch notifications from my AS via JMS. Looking at the JBoss Clustering guide, I do not see how to make my clustered AS's coordinate JMS publishing to external clients.

      In short, my clients first connect to the AS using JNDI to make EJB calls (which works fine in a clustered environment). However, then they need to connect to the AS to listen for notifications. I can connect to every AS in the cluster manually but if one isn't around and later comes up, my client wouldn't know to listen for its JMS published msgs.

      I'm assuming this isn't an unusual situation.


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          Frank Henry Novice

          I have not enough knowledge of 5.x to give a usable answer, but iirc 5.x uses JBossMessaging and if the destinations are configured correctly (i.e. as clustered destinations), any messages sent to these destinations will be distributed automatically.

          Thus you will not have to worry about it and registering to one destination will give you the info from all.