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    TreeNode & selectBooleanCheckbox HOW-to ???

    Krasimir Goutcev Apprentice

      Hi Folks,
      so, tell me how to create tree with chekbox. This was very simple wit Tomahowk but wit RICH face no anything how-to do that.

      In the beginning i try this simple test:

      <rich:tree value="#{tree1.firstTree}" var="node" nodeFace="simpleNode"
       <rich:treeNode type="simpleNode" id="treeNode1">
       <h:selectBooleanCheckbox value="true"/>

      and in backing bean i have stupid method as:
      public TreeNode getFirstTree() {
       firstTree=new TreeNodeImpl();
       TreeNodeImpl child = new TreeNodeImpl() ;
       TreeNodeImpl child2 = new TreeNodeImpl() ;
       firstTree.addChild(new Integer(1),child);
       firstTree.addChild(new Integer(2),child2);
       return firstTree;

      and now I have tree with two checkboxes but no way to check this boxes.
      What is wrong???

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