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    GateIn Internationalization

    David Calvente Newbie

      I'm developing an intranet Portal and I wan't my users to administer theis Departamental Portals, so I need the admin to be in Spanish and Catalonian.
      Could some one guide me to the files to modify/add? I've been looking inside 01eXoResources.war, 02portal.war and web.war

      I added _es properties in every level of WEB-INF/classes/locale/...
      I also changed WEB-INF/conf/common/locales-config.xml to add spanish (It appears now in the dialog to selec languages)

      But I always see portal in english (or any preconfigured language, but never in Spanish even when I see that the portal found my locale (spanish in the default selected language in the dialog)

      What am I missing?


      Note: as soon as i have all the properties in both languages and spanish and catalonian working, I´ll send the files to the forum (if anyone needs them)

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