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    Problems with gateIn if it is not runnin at localhost

    Marc N/A Newbie


      I have a server for developement and therefore I changed the IP address of jboss to my servers IP to test GateIn on my client machine. I have modified server.xml and change the address of the http-connector from localhost to my servers IP. GateIn answers at the right IP but the gatchets in the dashboard do not work any longer. Instead of the content I get an empty portlet window.

      Next I tried to access JBoss via AJP and an apache server. The gatchets still do not work and additionaly the css formats are lost. Is this a normal behaviour or a bug? Will the final version of GateIn work via AJP-connector? All are production servers are configured that way.

      We are planning to translate GateIn into german. We will share the translations with the community but we have to be sure, that we can run the portal on are servers before we start with the translations.

      Thanks for your answer

      Marc Anton