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    ECPerf Tests on boxes

    John Woolsey Newbie

      We are considering using a variety of EJB containers for our project and JBoss is among them. It is one of the two leaders we are considering. It is somewhat concerning that there are no ECPerf performance criteria for it.

      In a few months when we get more boxes around here I will be installing ECPerf and comparing it to other products. At that point I will add to the bottom of the list various performance statics I ascertain. I will also add any tweaks I find to make JBoss faster.

      In the interum if you have been playing with ECPerf pop the information on your configuration together with the results as a reply to this message.

      Hopefully we can get a feel for speed issues before JBoss gets around to doing an ECPerf test. Possibly if someone has a big enough box they can help JBoss get some results onto theserverside.

      bfn - JAW