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    Number of loaded classes

    Andrey Demchenko Newbie

      Hi All.
      I have detected that Number of loaded classes permanently increasing in my JBoss instance (I am using OptimizeItProfiler5). JBoss started and worked some time with 3393 loaded classes. But after 3 days number of classes increased up to 5821. And with heap size 55M (after run GC used heap - 20M) my application server uses 710M RAM after 3 days. Also I have detected that most of all loaded classes with names sun.reflect.GeneratedSerealisation.ConstructorAccessor1..1870
      (most of all this classes has 0 instances).
      Is it true that used RAM depends from number of loaded classes?
      How can I correct this problem?
      RedHat Linux 7.3, J2SDK 1.4.1_02, JBoss 3.2.1
      Best regards,
      Andrey Demchenko.