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    JBOSS Stopped Automatically.

    Anil Kumar Newbie


      "porterrickabaugh" wrote:
      Some data is kept in the nukes database. MySql users can use the following commands the to Site Name and Slogan.

      update nuke_services_attributes set pn_value = 'Your Web Portal' where pn_aid = 'SiteName';

      update nuke_services_attributes set pn_value = 'Slogan' where pn_aid = 'Nukes on JBoss';

      Sorry, but in today's context -- J2EE, JBoss, Nukes -- that's just plain _bad_ advice.

      Don't use naked SQL to meddle with your Nukes database.

      It bypasses any interceptors (security, transactionality, etc) or application code (logic, filters, constraints, rules, etc.) that may be imposed by the module or the core.

      It's database-brand dependent (as you say, your code is only supposed to work on MySQL).

      It's error prone (yup, your 2 lines of SQL code above won't even work on MySQL -- re-read it closely ;-> ).

      It's a bad habit to get into.

      Worse yet, it undermines the very good and very important design assumption that Nukes "owns" the database -- and that the Nukes Entity EJBs are the only way in and out of the tables.

      If you want to stay in the stone age, then you might as well just edit MySQL's datafiles directly with a hexadecimal editor, or even better, bang bits directly to your disks by track and sector.


      Now, here's how you do it right: use the jmx-console ..... go to the "core module" ....


      .... find the "SiteName" and "Slogan" Attribute Names, and edit the Attribute Values strings to your liking. Scroll down ~40% of the way down the page and click the "Apply Changes" button.

      Much more civilized ;-)

      -- Howard

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