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    JBoss.Net Security

    Matt Munz Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to secure my web services with https. I did find the following thread, but am not having success getting it to work. Does anyone have pointers on securing JBoss.NET? Config file snippets would be great if you have them.


      - Matt

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          Himanshu Roongta Newbie

          Tp use secured protocol for webservcie is no diffrent from making a web applicaiton call.
          if you are using wsdl;- genearte one using https://{your server}:securedport/axis/services/Yourservice?wsdl
          And use that int eh client to connect

          If you are using a java Call object then your end point url should be
          https://{your server}:securedport/axis/services/Yourservice

          Howevr if oyu are using evalutaion ssl certificates then in you java_home\jre\lib\security you need to place the client key store file. (renamed to cacert)
          Hope that helps