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    JBoss.NET's WSDL Generation Mixes Complex Types From Differe

    Jimmy Wilson Apprentice

      I have two different EJBs. One of them contains a single method that utilizes complex types (a Name object, a Phone object, and an Address object). The other EJB contains a single method that returns a String (the string says "Hello World"). I have successfully deployed both EJBs, and I have successfully turned these EJBs into web services using JBoss.net by placing the web-service.xml file in their respective EARs.

      Deploying both EARs together causes the complex types (Name, Phone, and Address) of the first web service to be defined in the WSDL for the second web service as well even though the second EJB does not use these complex types.

      Furthermore, undeploying the EAR containing the EJB that uses the complex types (deleting the EAR file from the deploy directory) does not change the WSDL for the second web service. The complex types are still defined. If I undeploy both EARs and then redeploy the non-complex type EJB/web service, the complex types still show up in the WSDL.

      Additionally, if I deploy each web service as a WSR instead of via the EAR/web-service.xml method, this same behavior occurs.

      Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to counteract this behavior?