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    JBoss.net and xDoclet

    Deepak Nohwal Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am fairly new to JBoss.net and web-services in general. I am planning to use jBoss.net for deploying my web-services. I have tested one of my web-services and it gets deployed fine.

      Now, I want to use the XDoclet tags for auto-generating web-service.xml. I searched on JBoss.org and found the following link:


      Now, here is the problem that I am facing:
      1.) First off, can someone please tell me where to download the correct "xdoclet-module-jboss-net.jar" from? The official xdoclet web-site (http://xdoclet.sourceforge.net) does not seem to have it.

      2.) Secondly, my web-service is neither an EJB nor a JMX bean. It's a simple Java class which will be invoked in J2EE environment. In this case which task should I use? The example on the link above only talks about EJB tasks(uses xdoclet.modules.ejb.EjbDocletTask) and JMX task(uses xdoclet.modules.jmx.JMXDocletTask).

      3.) Lastly, any example for using Xdoclet tags in saimple java classes case will be highly appreciated.


      PS:- you can directly reach me at nohwal@gmail.com, if required.