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    Facelets composition problem since 3.1.0

    cc c Newbie


      I have a facelets composition which consists of a Tomahawk CommandButton.
      I put 3 instances of my composition in my jspx page with others components (inputText, selectOneMenu, selectBooleanCheckbox...).
      The rendered attribute of the Tomahawk CommandButton is mapped with a boolean property (activeEditMode) of my JSF Bean.

      When i come in my jspx page, one of the 3 facelets composition instance button is rendered (Modify) : OK
      I click on Modify Button, my boolean property activeEditMode becomes true et my page is rerendered with 2 buttons : Valid (OK) and Modify instead of Cancel !!
      I checked the boolean property activeEditMode in my page , it's correct, the mapping between the boolean property activeEditMode and the rendered attribute of the Tomahawk CommandButton is correct too.

      I come back to the richFaces 3.0.1 and Ajax4JSF 1.1.1 versions : the buttons are rendered correctly (with activeEditMode = true, the Valid and Cancel buttons are rendered --> OK).

      So, the problem comes from new richFaces version 3.1.0 !
      I used 3.1.0-rc1 and 3.1.0-rc2 versions : the problem is still there !

      Is it a bug ?