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    JCA Local Transaction demarciation over EJB container manage

    Robert Mederer Newbie

      I have developed an JCA Ressource Adapter for an EIS. The Ress. Ad. supports LocalTransactions.
      So I want to run an ejb which uses the Ress. Ad. . The ejb runs with container mgmt trans.
      The connection to the eis is created and the jboss transaction manager wants to start the local
      transaction on my eis. The local transaction begin method is called by the jboss transaction manager.
      The ressource adapter starts the local trans and sends the
      ConnectionEvent.LOCAL_TRANSACTION_STARTED. then this error occured:

      10:29:33,844 DEBUG [[RMI TCP Connection(2)-] DEBUG jca.spi.DPPRManagedConnection (DPPRManagedConnection.java:713)] signalTransactionEvent to=org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.TxConnectionManager$TxConnectionEventListener@1eeb372 eventType=LOCAL_TRANSACTION_STARTED
      10:29:33,844 ERROR [[RMI TCP Connection(2)-] ERROR jca.spi.DPPRLocalTransaction (DPPRLocalTransaction.java:99)] java.lang.IllegalStateException: Attempt to start local transaction while xa transaction is active!

      The error message from jboss is "Attempt to start local transaction while xa transaction is active!".
      Why is here a xa transaction, and why I'm not able to start my local transaction?

      If you have any Idea, please tell me.

      Best regards,
      Robert Mederer