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    Questions about xa-datasources for HA

    Frank Henry Novice

      Hello all,

      I am working on trying to find some solutions for issues we are having with xa-datasources configured for high availability.

      multiple JBoss 4.2.3 servers in a cluster and two PostgreSQL dbs

      1) is there any info that would allow the JBoss' to be aware of a certain DS config or even share a connection pool?
      What I could imagine: AS 1 starts and sets the ds, then AS 2 starts and, since it joins the cluster of AS 1, would not use it's own ds, but that of AS 1.

      And thus when the first db crashes and a switch is made, the others would directly (possibly transparently) also move to the 2nd db.

      2) is there any notification I can catch when a failover happens?