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    JBoss and Tomcat configuration

    tuklas Newbie

      Hi, I'm currently using the JBoss3.0/Tomcat4.x bundle. I need help with configuring a new context in the tomcat4-service.xml file. Here's what I want done, I want to create a context for "/", so whenever I have my browser goto the url "http://localhost", Tomcat uses an archive I've specified.

      Used to be with just Tomcat4.x, I would just have to modify the server.xml file by adding a new Context sub-element, "<Context path="/" docBase="MyWar">", inside the Host element. My assumption was I could do the same thing to with the Host element inside tomcat4-service.xml, but I get the "No Context configured to process this request" error.

      Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.