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    Does JBOSS support, ASP, PHP, PERL, PYTHON & MySQL?

    Victor Gonzalez Newbie

      I am already running my own server on XP and have a plethora of scripts all working in harmony but as I went to sourceforge looking for a customer support script I some how managed to slip into the JBOSS world...

      Don't know but it really sounds good... I have two, two part questions I hope someone can help me with...

      Is JBOSS GUI?
      Which version is right for me?
      Does it support ASP, PHP, PERL, PYTHON and MySQL?

      Are their clear and concise instructions somewhere on how to set up the languages such as php, etc?

      Can I serve my scripts with it (phpBB2, Awstats, phpMyAdmin, Geeklog, etc)?

      Though I am running on Windows and my server has a tiny footprint of about 103kb and is just awesome in flexibility and speed I am willing to get with JBOSS because in theory it should be able to easily port over to the macintosh, *nix world correct?

      I know I have a lot of questions... Would someone please be so kind as to answer what I consider to be the most important right now... language (php, etc) support and ability to serve scripts (phpBB2, etc)...

      Thank you :)