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    Calendar submit()

    Emil Nilimaa Newbie

      I have a small problem.

      I need to have two calendar fields. And field 1 needs to update the field 2 with the same value when it is changed.

      So i've made a method that will set the value in field 2, and set this method as


      on the first calendar.

      However, this method seems to be called only when the submit is fired in the form. So i need to be able to call the "submit()" thing from the calendar when the date is called. How can I do this?
      I have tried all of these and none work...

      If i do a simple textinput i can get the submit thing to work by doing it like this:
      required="false" />

      This works... but i can't understand how to get the calendar input to work the same way... anyone have any idea?

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