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    deploy problem

    jason Newbie

      i have a newbie question. when deploying ear files into the $JBOSS_DIST/deploy folder, i found out that, if rename the ear files to different name, there'd be error occurred. for instance, originally there's ear file named abc.ear, then rename it to abc.ear.date_time. then deploy new one to $JBOSS_DIST/deploy with the same ear file (, also named abc.ear) . so it means that the abc.ear and abc.ear.date_time has the same contents, including its namespace; e.g., com.makemony.session.*.
      however, if i remove the old file, i.e., abc.ear.date_time, then seemly it runs ok. so i doubt that it's problem about namepsace. is that right? or is that problem about classloading? or anything it's related?
      i appreciate any suggestions,