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    Possible to use JBOSS AS for a non-EJB CORBA application?

    Kent Narling Newbie

      We currently have a large system based on a number (10-15) CORBA singelton services (eg. messaging, payment, reporting etc)

      These are running in out own-made "service-container" which we frankly don't want to maintain...

      However, the system is NOT designed around an J2EE "bean-like" architecture... which is good and bad, but we don't have the time or will to change that right now.

      It would be nice to use JBOSS as an application container for the system which would give us a number of advantages.

      Could anyone give me some pointer as to if this is possible?

      I have considered throwing CORBA away and then creating a singelton Entity EJB for each service, but that seems to become very ugly and not very true to the idea of EJB, or?

      Is there any provision for running NON-EJB server objects on JBOSS? MBeans?

      Thankful for any advise!