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    How to get a WorkManager from a Bean

    christian malolepszy Newbie

      Helo all,

      I have written a MessageDrivenBean and inside this process i will call some other Beans / Works parallel, wait some time, get the results from the ready processes and cancel the others.
      I read about the jca WorkManager and this were a very good solution for my problem.

      But I can't find any example how to work on jboss with a WorkManager, lookup etc. so I do it in this way:

      JBossWorkManager jwm = new JBossWorkManager();
      ThreadPool tp = new BasicThreadPool();
      Work work = new MyWork(1);
      Work work2 = new MyWork(2);
      ExecutionContext ec = new ExecutionContext();

      But I think, this is not the right way!

      My question: How can i get a Workmanager from JBoss, through a JNDI lookup for example.

      best regards

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