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    Session Bean reads a XML file

    morenito9000 Newbie

      Hi all,
      in my application I read infos from a Postgres DB
      using this architecture:

      Stateless Session Beans + DAO classes

      (inside DAO classes I wrote the SQL code to
      retrieve infos from the DB).

      Now I have to retrieve other infos from a XML file.

      The question are:

      1) Is it correct that a Session Bean reads infos
      from a "normal" file or it must must be connected
      only to a database ?

      2) There are differences, for what concerne question n.1,
      among Session Beans and Entity Beans ?

      "JBoss runs on a linux server and PostgresDB on another
      linux server, but is simple to say to JBoss where PostgresDB is.

      If the file resides on a server different from
      the Server Linux where JBoss runs, how can
      I read the file ?

      Thank you in advance

      p.s. sorry for my english :-)