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    JBoss startup errors

    Christian Sparre Newbie


      First I need to say this is the first time I'm trying to get the JBoss Application Server up and running so bare with me :)

      So, I try starting JBoss but then everything goes horribly wrong, at least I guess it does because it looks that way. I get over 3000 lines of Java errors.

      here's a link for the intire error dump http://sparrez.dk/files/jboss-error.txt (257 kb)

      Honestly I don't really have any idea what to do, I probably did something wrong along the way, but I haven't been able to figure it out, though it seems a lot of the errors is about the web.xml file in ".../deploy/http-invoker.sar/invoker.war/" although I don't really know.

      Hope some of you can shed a bit of light on the problem, that would be greatly appreciated ;o)