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    Separate IMG directory from WAR file

    Redo Sin Newbie

      Desperatly need help - I am developing web application on JBoss. IDE JDev 10.1.3, application server JBoss 4.0.4RC1, Postgre DB, server Mandriva Linux. Everything is nice, but I need to seperate the image directory because I really dont want to deploy application everytime when new image is added. Also I dont want to save data in DB due to implementation of Postgre BLOBs.
      Is it possible to seperate IMG directory from WAR file? How to do that? What must be done in my project? What must be written in hrefs?
      Dont suggest me to use DB, I DONT WANT TO. I need these files in directory which is visible from web application.
      In google newgroups I found that its possible to store web project in directory sructure too.
      No success if I just put the content of war file in deploy/<web project name> directory.
      Is there a solutionfor this?