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    Performance problem with modalpanel under Linux

    Vassiliy Dubkin Newbie


      First of all, I like to thank you all for your great work! I am using richfaces since a few months and like it really much.

      A few days ago I tried to use the rich:modalpanel and I experienced a really bad performance problem when using it under Linux. It takes about 3-5 seconds until the dialog opens and 2-3 further seconds until the background is disabled (on a P4 2.8). Moving the dialog is almost impossible.

      First, I thought it is a problem with my machine (Ubuntu Feisty with Firefox But the problem occurs also on other workstations with different Linux distributions (at least Ubuntu 6.x, Ubuntu 7.x and Gentoo) and different Firefox versions. On Windows everything works perfect.

      Other modal dialogs like Dojo, extjs or icefaces work really good on Linux. What could be the problem? I hope you can reproduce and solve the problem.

      Thanks in advance!