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    What IDE to start with?

    Mike Witters Newbie

      We are in the midst of deciding between GlassFish and JBoss as our app server of choice. I tried GF first. It was nice. I loved the tight integration with NetBeans.

      This weekend I got started trying out JBoss. I can't figure out which IDE to use. I am trying Eclipse but have not had success. I have tried a fresh install of Europa (3.3.2) with the latest JBossTools but keep getting the Blue Screen of Death on my WinXP Professional laptop when I start the server. I just want a simple dev environment but it seems problematic.

      Can someone layout exactly the IDE I should use for the JBoss development?


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          Frank Henry Novice

          I know it is a dumb answer but use what you like better. I have developed for Jboss with both netbeans and eclipse and both will get the job done.

          I would tend more twards Eclipse atm though as netbeans was just not performant enough. CTRL-Space would take far to long to be useful.

          Each has it's (dis-)advantages but in the end you should take what helps you reach your goal faster and better.