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    JBoss Native for Windows - and JBoss 4.0.5

    Paul Kelsey Newbie

      I checked with Red-Hat/Jboss support, and they said they have no plans to
      support the Tanuki wrapper. (which I tried and seems to work fine). However we are going to be using JBoss in a production environment, and
      would like a supported wrapper also. The RH engineer reported that in the
      future, RH WILL BE supporting the JBoss Native for Windows package. I
      downloaded the package, and read the README file. It appears that it will
      only work with JBOSS 5.0.0 which is still in beta, and we are not ready to use it. We're on 4.0.5.GA. Is there a version of JBoss Native for Windows that will work with JBoss 4.0.5.GA??