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    Update objectweb tests to the latest version

    Adrian Brock Master

      I'm going to look at what it will take to update the objectweb tests in the testsuite
      to the latest version (JMS1.1) and also allow a more flexible plugin of different
      jms implementations.

      * JBossMQ inside JBossAS
      * JBossMQ bootstrapped by the MC in EJB3 standalone
      * JBossMess inside JBossAS
      * JBossMess standalone
      * JBossMess bootstrapped by the MC in EJB3 standalone
      * Testing JBossAS with thirdparty JMS providers

      It looks like I'll have to rewrite the Admin class to make it more pluggable
      (rather than a hardwired property file) so I'll probably fork the project into JBossCVS
      and once I have it working contribute the change back to JORAM.