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    Do we have a problem with Synchronous channel?

    Clebert Suconic Master

      I think there is a problem with JGroups configuration while testing this. I hope this is not something specific on my computer. If someone else could test this.

      syncRequests are not being received on nodeB for some reason.

      Even changing PostOfficeRequestHandler::handle to verbose on messages, I never get any message received.

       private class PostOfficeRequestHandler implements RequestHandler
       public Object handle(Message message)
       System.out.println("***************Request handler**************");
       if (trace) { log.info(nodeId + " received message " + message + " on sync channel"); }
       byte[] bytes = message.getBuffer();
       ClusterRequest request = readRequest(bytes);
       Object result = request.execute(DefaultClusteredPostOffice.this);
       return result;
       catch (Throwable e)
       log.error("Caught Exception in RequestHandler", e);
       IllegalStateException e2 = new IllegalStateException(e.getMessage());
       throw e2;

      getState() is working fine through synchronous channel.
      Assync is also working fine, but not sync.

      I was having problems on finding new binding over the cluster and this was the problem.

      Clebert Suconic