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    JBMESSAGING-674 - Propagating changes on ClusteredConnection

    Clebert Suconic Master

      On the process of Updating ConnectionFactories (CF) I'm thinking about using the CallbackManager and update the ConnectionFactory for active connections only (as I have talked about this with Ovidiu).

      The way it should work is during a Clustered::createConnection, ClusteredAspect will register the CF on the CallbackManager for the active connection. The server will callback on all active Connections when a CF was updated, sending also the uniqueId for the CF (configured on the CF Mbean). I will also add the uniqueID on CFs.

      The side effect for this is case a ConnectionFactory has two ore more active connections, it will be updated several times (one per active connection). If we want to fix this we would need a singleton CallbackManager. (we could either refactor the CallbackManager to be singleton per VM or we could create an extra CallbackManager just to work on CFs). I will start coding without change anything on CallbackManagers for now, and we could refactor this later if we require to.

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