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    Failure on RemotingConnectionConfigurationTest::testConnecti

    Clebert Suconic Master

      After updating Remoting, this test is failling...

      The test is calling callbackConnectors.get(callbackHandler) and this HashMap operation is retuning a HashSet while it used to return a Connector.

       Connector connector = Connector)callbackConnectors.get(callbackHandler);

      I don't know if the API changed... if this test is now invalid... or what?

      I would need to get some input on this... as i didn't authored the test I don't know what's this is supposed to return.

      Ron, Tom Elrod?

      This is a more complete snippet of the failing test:

      if ("socket".equals(transport)
       || "sslsocket".equals(transport)
       || "bisocket".equals(transport)
       || "sslbisocket".equals(transport))
       field = Client.class.getDeclaredField("callbackConnectors");
       Map callbackConnectors = (Map)field.get(client);
       InvokerCallbackHandler callbackHandler = remotingConnection.getCallbackManager();
       Connector connector = (Connector)callbackConnectors.get(callbackHandler);
       locator = new InvokerLocator(connector.getInvokerLocator());
       assertEquals(address, locator.getHost());
       assertEquals(freePort, locator.getPort());