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    question regarding rich:treeNode and a:support

    nayan j Newbie

      Using richfaces packaged with Seam2CR1.

      I have a rich:tree with treenodes defined similar to code shown below. I have bunch of problems with the displayed tree that I can't figure how to fix. Will appreciate your help.

      1. When mouse is moved over the text displayed by h:outputText, the text is underlined.. i did not specify anything like that in my css file or in the code below. How do I turn this off?

      2. When mouse is clicked over the text displayed by h:outputText, the tree nodes move a bit down. If mouse clicked over text of any other node in tree again the tree nodes move a bit up this time. The cycle repeats. Seems like a bug to me. Has anyone else noted this issue?

      3. My tree had just 2 levels. Near last leaf node for each internal node in the tree a wierd vertical line between the checkbox and icon to collapse tree branch. Issue occurs both with IE and Firefox. I cannot figure out any useful information like an extra image from html of rendered page. Has anyone else noted this issue? Here is an image showing what i mean: [img]http://www.weblogimages.com/v.p?uid=nayanj&pid=579581&sid=puQ23hksP3" border=0[/img]

      <rich:treeNode id="myNode" type="myData" iconLeaf="img/blank.gif" nodeClass="checkbox">
       <h:selectBooleanCheckbox id="myCheckbox" value="#{ item.selected}" styleClass="checkbox">
       <a:support event="onclick" actionListener="#{item.setSelected}" RequestDelay="3"
       immediate="true" reRender="treeDiv" />
       <h:outputText id="myText" value="#{ item.name}" styleClass="myTree" />


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