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    SAR Deployment Deployers Ordering

    Richard Opalka Master

      Relates to: JBWS-2246

      Usecase 1: Service archive (.sar) with POJO web service endpoint (.war archive inside).
      Usecase 2: Service archive (.sar) with EJB web service endpoint (.jar archive inside).

      Problem Description:

      Both usecases work fine when we deploy service archive to already running AS instance (using hot deploy feature).
      The problem appears when service archive is present in deploy directory at AS startup time.

      Current JBossWS Deployers Architecture:

      There are three JBossWS deployers registered with the JBoss Main Deployer which order is important:

      EJBDeployer < WebServiceDeployerEJB < WarDeployer
      WebServiceDeployerPreJSE < WarDeployer < WebServiceDeployerPostJSE

      When sar deployment (containing .war) is in place the war archive deployment order is different comparing to when war archive is deployed standalone :(
      Q1: Is it correct deployers behavior?
      Q2: Shouldn't war or ejb archive inside .sar archive be deployed later?

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